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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Family Fund?
A: The Family Fund is a public, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to provide short-term crisis-relief assistance to all active and retired employees of American Airlines and its wholly owned subsidiaries and their families. Assistance will be provided for applicants facing sudden, unexpected situations that threaten their health and welfare after other avenues for assistance have been exhausted. Financial assistance is based upon an application process that requires demonstrated need. Additionally, assistance may also be provided to national or international organizations to support relief efforts in communities served by American Airlines.

Q: Who’s eligible to receive assistance?
A: Current or former employees of American Airlines and their immediate family are eligible to receive assistance. Additionally, from time to time and based upon committee recommendation and board approval, grants may be made to national or international organizations to support relief efforts in communities served by American Airlines. Community assistance is also based upon need as a result of some sudden and unexpected catastrophic event.

Q: Who is considered “family?”
A: Immediate family includes spouse or domestic partner, dependent/nondependent children or parents.

Q: Are donations to Family Fund tax deductible?
A: Family Fund is a qualified 501(c)(3) U.S. organization. To the extent allowed by law, contributions are tax deductible for American Airlines employees on domestic payroll. Donations from employees not on U.S. domestic payroll are governed by their local tax authorities.

All contributors are reminded that the extent to which any charitable donation is tax deductible is determined by personal circumstance and governed by the IRS in the U.S. and by other regulatory bodies unique to each specific region outside the U.S. Specific tax questions should always be directed to a tax advisor for final determination.

Q: What are the criteria for granting assistance?
A: All assistance, whether individual, family or community, is based upon need as a result of some sudden and unexpected catastrophic event. The minimum criteria for grant approval includes:

  • The employee has passed employment probation The event causing the emergency occurred within six months of submitting the application
  • The request is for short-term crisis-relief assistance
  • The event causing the emergency was sudden and unexpected Circumstances threaten health and welfare
  • The situation developed / continues through no fault of the applicant
  • Personal resources have been leveraged or are being fully utilized
Q: What is the maximum grant amount?
A: Up to $2,500 is available once in a calendar year per household, with a limit of two grant awards in a five-year period ($5,000 max per household). Household is defined as a domestic establishment, including members of a family and others who live under the same roof.

Q: Who can make a financial contribution to the Family Fund?
A: Any individual, company or foundation may make financial contributions to the American Airlines Family Fund. Contributions can be made via the Family Fund website or by taking a check to the American Airlines Federal Credit Union for deposit in the Family Fund account.

Q: How can an individual request assistance from the Family Fund?
A: An individual may request assistance by completing an application found on the Apply for Assistance page.

Q: What is the policy of the Family Fund regarding confidentiality of the information?
A: The managers of the Family Fund treat personal information received with the utmost respect and pledge to keep information confidential. At times, applications may require verification of personal statements. This may include discussions with people who can confirm the information provided such as supervisors, coworkers, friends, neighbors, businesses, mortgage holders, landlords, etc.

Q: What is the Family Fund's federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
A: The Family Fund EIN is 75-2855813.

Q: If I have selected a payroll deduction for donations to the Family Fund, how long will my payroll deduction remain in effect?
A: Employees self-manage their charitable deductions. These payroll deduction pledges remain in effect until canceled or changed by the employee.

Q: How much of my donation goes toward the mission, and how much is used for administration and promotional expenses?
A: The Family Fund is committed to sound management and stewardship of all contributions and utilizes volunteer and donated resources whenever possible to accomplish its mission. Ninety-nine point nine percent (99.9%) of a donor's contribution is applied to the mission. Administration expenses are made available through the generosity of American Airlines and the volunteer efforts of individual American Airlines employees and personnel from nonprofit organizations. Promotional materials are either donated or, if purchased by the Family Fund, do not exceed one-tenth of one percent of annual funding.

Q: Who are the current Grant Committee members?
A: The Grant Committee is comprised of a group of American Airlines employees representing each workgroup. Employees are also involved from departments such as the Employee Assistance Program who have experience dealing with crisis situations.

Q: If I have questions not covered in this FAQ, who can I contact?
A: Please email your questions to: aa.familyfund@aa.com.

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